Refinement Aligners

Oftentimes when cases approach the “95% finished” stage, minor discrepancies still remain. Refinement aligners are then requested in a set of one or two appliances to complete rotations or improve minor spacing issues. Ideally, we request a new working model to fabricate Refinement aligners so we can gauge exactly where to make the final improvements in the aligner set-ups.

The upper arch was treated with 4 aligners to advance the centrals and rotate the laterals. The centrals moved to the labial approximately 1mm and the lateral rotations were improved. Two additional refinement aligners are now indicated to finalize the lateral rotations which will also require additional IPR on the mesial and distals.

The lower arch was treated with 4 aligners and slight IPR to correct rotations and improve arch form. One additional refinement aligner was requested to complete rotation of LL1, which will also require additional IPR estimated at .1mm.

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